Friday, 9 April 2010


I would like to welcome some new followers thanks so much for following my blog i wasnt sure anyone wanted to read about me and my rantings and occasional mini and fur babies too im so glad you came along i have listed the links for your blogs below please let me know if they are wrong



i cant find a blog if you have one please let me know

Baking in miniature
there is a wonderful blog i have lost the link im off to find it again

Its been a lovely spring like day today but i had a hospital appointment this morning so we spent about an hour waiting and five minutes in with the doctor what a waste of time it was im begining to think i would like to train as a doctor i mean they get paid so much for doing so little and might even get away with murder too, im lucky to still be alive after my brush with the hospital so i think im perfectly within my right to say such a thing, im sorry if i offend any of you but im at the end of my teather with hospitals and doctors but anyway when i got home i went out to my craft shed to do some sorting yet again and also de-stress after my ordeal lol...
I have a lot of stuff and cant sort it out all at once as i tire easily i cant reach things either and im not able to stand on a step stool i once used.
I found some fimo i bought ages ago i hardly used and a few other things i can use i managed to take some pictures of the inside of my little space part sort of tidy and part not so tidy lol.. im sure you know how it is i mean how tidy is your craft space at least mine is at the bottom of the garden so it doesnt make the house so messy lol...

This is my work table and old style tv and video they still work so i see no point in throwing them away. when it stops working maybe i'll make a room inside it ....only kidding i have enough houses and kits to work on without keeping something else to use also my little oven is here ready to cook fimo if i ever decide to make something with it again lol...

Here is the once handy but now not so easy to reach over head storage.

My stackable storage i really need to go through this as im not quite sure what i have altogether

My not so tidy book shelves i have lots of books and magazines here all to do with miniatures im a mini book worm lol...

This is my not so tidy part theres a mixture of houses books magazines my wheelchair is also parked here.

More stackable storage this one is a bit neater than the other but i have a job reaching it

Just thought you might like to see my space im hoping for better weather so i can spend some time out there now its been a horrible winter and i think i managed to get out there all of about three times and not for too long either ok im going to stop dwelling on stuff now its just making me feel misserable im off to see what i can make.

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