Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Hello i got a lovely package in the post this morning from Ira she very kindly sent some mini items for more or less every project im working on right now i was so excited but dissapointed to learn my package has still not got to its destination yet im really sorry Ira im going to send another just in case but thanks so much for the wonderful goodies

Some lovely fabrics plants leaves cakes a picture a pitcher with flowers in i love this

Some christmas items for my aster home to mr and mrs claus
Some mini soaps now my residents can really get clean lol...

Some lovely cakes for my Tea shop

Im going to use the leaves and vines in my garden room and garden

So many goodies i really didnt expect to recieve but thanks so much Ira i will get right on it and make some items to send you and hope you will recieve them this time

delicious Ginger bread men i love ginger bread now if only i can find a shrinking potion lol....

Cute little windmills for my garden

A picture i'll use in my garden room

A closer view of the lovely gingerbread men

The gorgeous pitcher of flowers im going to have such fun putting these all in place thanks somuch again Ira your a gem.


  1. Great that the package came and I'm happy that you liked the stuff :) And don't hurry yet with anohter package, it sometimes takes time, let's see next week :)


  2. thanks ira ok we'll give it until then