Monday, 26 July 2010


oh wow im such a terrible blogger its been so long since my last post but im here now i have been so busy making things for my display in our mini show on 6th and 7th of august i havent had an awful lot of time to prepare but i think i'll have enough minis to show at least i hope i so lol...
Since i have been away i have three more followers im really so pleased and amazed too that anyone would want to follow my blog but all of you are so talented and have the most wonderful blogs and it really amazes me that you would find my humble little blog worth following so a big huge thank you to all my followers all 81 of you now the newest three are

First up theres minnie kitchen who does things with clay that i just cant you will find her wonderful work and blog here please go take a look

Then theres
Angela who sells such lovely minis and who's lovely blog you will find here

and then theres Cia whos gorgeous blog is here

please go take a look at these blogs they are all well worth seeing but then i can say the same for all your wonderful blogs im truly blown away by all your beautiful work thank you all again for following me.
I will have some pictures later today to show you what i have ready for my display at margam castle in august im so excited and very nervous and im only showing not selling my work ...hee hee see you later with my pics


  1. Hi and good to hear from you :) I really want to see your minies that your taking to the show :)

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Great to see you back and looking forward to some pics of the minies your taking to the show. Can I ask where your Margam Castle? We live in driving distance of Margam Castle, Margam, South Wales. It would be great if it was the same one.
    Julia xx

  3. Hi Julia yes thats the one in port talbot are you able to come down it would be lovely to meet you

  4. Hola de nuevo! que tengas exito en la exposición