Sunday, 7 November 2010



for those of you that asked for the pattern and instructions for the bags i made here they are
First you need glass beads i used size 8 or 11
miniature knitting needles i used size 19
a beading needle
and crochet cotton i used anchor
the pattern is as follows but before you start please read to the bottom of this
first string all beads on
to your cotton using your needle you need 320 for the actual bag and the extras for the handles see bottom of page.
Cast on 10 stitches
knit 5 rows casting on 1 stitch at the start of rows 3 and 4
now start knittng with beads. You always push the mentioned number of beads against the last knitted stitch so that the beads are between the stitches.
Rows 6-9 K3, 1 bead, k2 1 bead, k2 1 bead, k2 1 bead k3
Rows 10-13 k3,2beads,k2,2 beads,k2, 2 beads,k2,2 beads,k3
Rows 14-17 k3,3 beads,k2 3beads,k2 3 beads, k2 3 beads,k3
Rows 18-21 k3 4 beads,k2 4 beads,k2 4 beads k2 4 beads k3
Rows 22-25 as rows 18-21 (4 beads)Rows 26-29 as rows 14-17(3 beads)
Rows 30-33 as rows 10-13(2 beads)
Rows 34-37 as rows 6-9(1 bead)
Row 38 k2 tog beginning of row knit to end
Row 39 k2 tog beginning of row knit to end
knit 3 rows
cast off sew up sides

Before you start knitting tie a loop in the cotton and count 16 beads on to the tail leave a length to sew these beads on to your bag this is your first handle you also dont have the bother of threading the needle again! Also it keeps the tail out of the way . Cast on two needle method not so tight for the first row of knitting remember to count beads for the other handle before you cut the cotton and pull through loop
Have fun


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  2. Rachel thanks for the explanation!
    shame that I'll never be able to do this bag, because the instructions in your language, though translated, do not match the Italian!
    sin, I will simply see your beautiful bag :((
    But if I suggest a swap?? (My favorite is completely white or black one with gold beads !!)...
    waiting for your answer!
    Thanks, and good week!

  3. Hi Caterina i am waiting for a delivery of cottons white and black included as soon as this arrives i will make some bags and i would be happy to do a swap with you i know carolyn also asked this so i have two lots to make as soon as my cottons arrive i will let you know

  4. Your Welcome Kat thanks for following my blog

  5. Thanks Rachel, you're very kind ... I wait then, one of your mail to my address, so there we agree to exchange ...
    thanks a lot!

  6. What a wonderful tutorial, I´ll give it a try soon!

  7. Thanks Rachel - will definitely be trying this out x