Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Hi im still waiting to go pick up charle we can get him at 3.30pm so thought i would blog to show you my latest purchase before we collect him. I got this this morning so im thinking of things i want to do with it, I thought i could pinch some of pauls ideas for finishing it i like the cotswold stone effect in buff colour tones i want to try the etching on it and i plan on having one wall without a window so it makes interior planning easier i thought i would make it a mystical shop selling witchy things and herbs maybe all things associated with spells and nature etc....


  1. Dear Rachel,

    I am new in Dollshouses and miniatures and now I am about finishing my first 4-store building. I enjoy following your blogs and got many useful things from communicating in the blogspace. Buy I really need to see something with my eyes – do your understand what I mean ? Oh, my poor English ! So I’d like to ask this question all experienced persons…

    What do you think about Dollshouse show in Anhem (Holland) in October ?
    Is it worth the effort to go there for me – I need to fly 3 hours to Moscow and then ? hours to Netherlands!

    I have never been to such events(I mean Dollsshow).
    Is it a big show - the same as KDF in London?
    What are the prices at the shows – the same as usual, lower or higher ?
    What is better – first or last days? Or maybe better to spend all 3 days serfing around ?
    So many questions and I’ll be glad to get any of your advice here or to my e-mail :

    Thanking your in advance,
    Omsk Russia

  2. Hi Elena first off thanks for following my blog.
    Im not sure about the anhem show as i have never been but a few years ago i went to miniatura in Birmingham UK i really enjoyed it and got some really nice pieces for my houses i think its a good thing to attend dollhouse fairs but since my stroke im unable to walk very far so i dont go to big shows anymore i have a wheelchair but dont like asking anyone to push it for such a great distance. I dont know about the KDF i havent been to that one but i think it would be good for you to experience the anhem show you will have great fun and probably spend lots of money but at least you will see what your buying i think it would be better to spend a few days looking around the shows if you can dont rush and have fun. I hope this helps?

  3. It is a pleasure to return to enter in your blog.
    After a period of time, away from the minis, again with renewed hopes.
    A greeting, Carmen kisses

  4. Rachel, la casita es una compra fantastica y la idea de hacerla para bruja es GENIAL!!!!!
    Seguro que te quedara preciosa.
    besitos ascension

  5. Thanks so much Carmen i love your blog also

  6. Thanks Ascension its still boxed at the moment while i decide what i want to do exactly but i hope i'll have something to show soon