Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hi im so sorry i have been m i a again i tried posting this twice and it hasnt worked so maybe third time lucky ehh...I have had another cold the fith one in so many months and think i may have passed it on to my cat Charle the poor boy has been so ill not eating or drinking hes at the vets again we have been three times in the past week and right now im so freeked out im scared of the worse they were putting him on a drip today and are doing blood tests in a day or so the vet thinks its thyroid problems but all i know is he slept in the bath last night and couldnt lift his little head this morning im so woried my animals are like my babies and im not ready to let him go yet paul is not one to show his feelings much but i think even he is upset the poor fella hasnt had a great time of it his monstrous previous owners tossed him out when they got bored with him and he has been up and down whilst we have had him im really hoping the saying a cat has nine lives is correct because this poor boy deserves another go of it im so upset and i have been so stressed i even messed up with my christmas swap package to Nina im sorry nina but i forgot to wrap them and didnt put my christmas card in i feel like such an idiot but i will send the card seperately please forgive me i hope you like what i made for you xx.
Doreen i recieved your package and im sorry to say i opened it i was on such a low i needed a pick me up im so sorry for ruining the surprise i know i should have waited but you made my day brighter with such lovely minis so im sorry for opening it early but thank you so much Doreen xx

Welcometo my new followers im sorry im such a mess right now but i appreciate you all being here
im not going to sleep much tonight as im so anxious and worried but my head hurts and i need to go to bed now i really hope im going to have better news to share with you about my boy please think possitive thoughts for Charlie xx


  1. Hello Rachel, I pray for your loved Charlie, because, you treat a cat like a child should be loved and respected by us, which we know only through your blog.
    he is the one who sleeps in the picture? he is my favorite! beautiful colors and soft expression ..
    I am sure your vet is doing everything possible to save him, but you must be strong, and prepare your heart for the worst ... because in any case, Charlie knows that he has lived like a prince in your home, loved and pampered ... and I know that cats remember what they receive in love ...
    I embrace you strong, and tonight I hope with you ..
    kisses, Caterina

  2. Poor you and poor little Charlie! Hope you are both feeling heaps better soon :)

  3. Charlie is a beautiful little guy! I pray that you recieve good news about him and that he feels better very soon. I hope you feel better too! I have a pkg about ready to mail out to you so you have something to look forward to! Full of little goodies for your witches haven! I will try to get it in the mail tomorrow. Please take care! Carolyn

  4. Sorry Rachel that you and Charlie haven't been well. I'll add you both to my prayers. Hope you both feel better soon.

  5. Poor poor kitty and poor poor you! Hope you BOTH are feeling better very soon.

  6. Thanks for all your heartfelt comments as of this morning i dont have any news of Charlie i have to phone the vets this afternoon but no news is good news i suppose, but on another sad note we lost one of our Rabbits through the night poor Hollie put up a fight against old age for a time but the poor girl passed away through the night im not so sure about keeping animals all of a sudden we are exoperiencing an awful lot of heartache im really sad to see my baby girl go and i hope she didnt suffer..... god what a time this is hope i will have some good news to share soon

  7. Your poor thing :( What a horrid time you are having right now. I hope things improve and that the pain of losing Hollie lessens. :(