Saturday, 4 December 2010


Hi again
Im having the most rubbish time of it right now we had problems with Charlie but so far he seems to be making a recovery a very slow one at that but hey at least its some sort of recovery, Then we lost one of our little Rabbits i miss her so much even though she was quite feisty she was my baby girl and then yesterday saw us make yet another trip to our vets with one of my other Rabbits Honney she has some sort of abcess cant spell by her head and she has developed some sort of whiteness in her eye the vet gave her antibiotic and anti inflammetry and some baytril but i really hope she'll be ok theres no guarantee im just completely heartsick at the moment three problems in just over a week what other craps gonna get thrown my way im not sure whats happening im sure i didnt break any mirrors!!


  1. Sorry you're having pet problems, Rachel! It is so hard when our loved ones are sick! :( I hope your bunny recovers soon. Maybe things come in threes.... and that is enough! I hope you cuddle up close with them. Feel better soon!

  2. Oh Rachel I've only just caught up on reading blogs.
    I'm so, so sorry to hear you're having such an awful time! I hope Honney is better soon and I hope Charlie soon makes a full recovery!

    Massive hugs and I hope things are better for you soon :)


  3. Thank you both i appreciate your wellwishes for my fur babies, things seem to be a bit better today and i hope they continue to improve when my furbabies are ill it makes me so sad and not of a mind to want to do anything im sorry im not here much but i'll try harder thanks again