Thursday, 9 December 2010


Hi again sorry i havent blogged in a few days its just been one of those times i suppose. Charlie seems to be doing well so far with his recovery fingers crossed he's eating everything in sight hahaha must be his medication for thyroid but im happy he's doing so well even running to fetch someone when he's hungry lol...
Poor Honey still has the thing in her eye and still has the lump at the side of her head but seems to be happy all the same she's such a lovely tempered little bunnie and no problem at all, we have to take the two of them for checkups tomorrow afternoon so hopefully the vet will say they are doing ok at this time im more worried about Honey as Charlie seems to be more himself now so fingers crossed for both of them.
I notice i have a few new followers im sorry im not around a lot just now but im very glad your following my blog i promise to get back to minis soon although i have been working on some items for swaps for Caterina and Carolyn ladies you will be glad to know i have now packed them ready to mail out to you .....finaly hurrah lol...i will post them tomorrow and i hope you both like everything im sending.
see you all tomorrow

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