Monday, 30 August 2010


Hello i hope your all well im sorry i wasnt up to blogging yesterday but im here now i have had a busy day cutting out corsets all day ready to stitch and make up tomorrow. I made 34 carpet bags yesterday which im hoping i can sell at some point im done with the hats for a while but i have loved making them so i probably wont leave it too long before i make a few more i am going to be making more bonnets they were a lot of fun to make and i have loved making them paul says its been like a production line lol... first hats then bags now corsets haha im hooked what can i make next i still have my witch to make and also a fisherman for friend in my mini group so im going to be quite busy for a while yet but it keeps my mind of other unpleasant stuff so its all good thanks for all your lovely comments and welcome Sharon and Iris im glad you found my blog its good to have you here.
I Will post pictures of my carpet bags and any corsets i finish tomorrow right now im off to bed im absolutely exhausted i have had a rough few days im just so glad for miniatures it keeps my mind focused at least partly lol
i have also been using the wii fit in order to strengthen my leg and my arm
its tough but im hopeful maybe i can shed some of the extra weight im carrying lately too anything is helpful at this point .... see you all tomorrow with pictures of carpet bags and corsets i cant wait for the 7th for my giveaway it should be very exciting thanks for everyone whos taking part so far and has anyone heared from Ira merry jingle im quite concerned i sent her an email but havent heared anything back yet its been a few days Ira i hope your ok if your reading this.

see ya tomorrow

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