Monday, 21 June 2010


Hello again
After a mad couple of days im back and first off i have to say hello and welcome to Piikko who has a lovely blog for you to look at thanks for folowing my blog im glad to have you here

Ok so i have been a little busy i started a house about five years ago but never got around to finishing it ahh the story of my life lol.....
so i decided to have at it and finish it by now it looks well and truly aged lol...but thats the way i wanted it below are some pictures

The windows had been stained but i wanted to make them look aged so i roughly painted them with white paint to make them look a little dirty

House without the windows

Windows and door painted

Windows and door in place

Inside the house

I used stone coat paint in white limestone colour to give it a rough grubby looking appearance i want it to look like its seen better days.

The Glencroft is going to be my next big project after i complete the townhouse

Some nice little finds from today i bought these in a discount store really very cheap


  1. The townhouse looks really nice - now you have lots of rooms to fill up :D And I love the looks of the Glencroft house :)

  2. You have a Glencroft?!

  3. Hi Allison yep but like everything else its on hold right now real life has cropped up yet again im hoping things will settle down soon again though. hope your ok?

  4. Thanks Ira hope your well?