Saturday, 9 January 2010

Here are some pictures of the inside of my willow dollshouse by corona its not quite finished on the outside i need to add the windows which i had a problem with initially so i have to make new ones i have some skinny sticks which i plan to use. Then i need to add the front door and the shingles i did actually apply the shingles a few months ago before going into hospital but i didnt like how they looked so i removed them i now have to do them again but this as you can see hasnt stopped me from working on the inside of the house, I found some adhesive squares in the craft shop yesterday which looked like tiles i used these in the kitchen but i have to buy some more, the hutches in the kitchen will be painted white with a grey counter. I have to make curtains too. I started this kit in january 2009 and had all good intentions of finishing it the same year but of course had a stroke in between so im a little behind but im on it now as well as the others lol...


  1. Found your blog through Susanne, and became so happy when I saw the peacock embroidery. I´m planning to make a peacock bathroom one day, and the embroidery is just perfect for that... I took the liberty to copy the picture, hope it´s okay :o)

  2. Thanks for following im glad you found my blog, yes its fine with me hope you have fun making it, it doesnt really take that long to complete.