Friday, 8 January 2010

Today and yesterday have been non mini days for me i didnt get around to making anything although i did go to my local bead and craft shops and bought a few more pretty bits n pieces. I have a started willow dollshouse by corona i havent finished the shingles and still have the exterior windows and front door to complete i know im a bad girl starting another house when i havent yet finished this one...well anyway because these kits tend to come without interior doors i thought i would try to use some pretty stringed beads and make some of those door strips (not the correct description) i cant think of the proper name for them but you know those strips they hung in doorways in the 70's and early 80's i just thought they might work i havent added them just yet so dont have any pictures im thinking of a way to do them that will look right. I also bought some small cameos which are actually buttons but i think i can snip the bale off and glue them to narrow ribbon to hanfg on the walls they are verry pretty. I will add some pictures tomorrow.


  1. Do you mean like a beaded curtain for the doorway?

  2. yeah i cant think of the right name for it but i tried making some i'll post pictures when im able thanks for following me your blog is great too