Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Today i didnt go to my hospital appointment because of the snow so i thought i would have a mini day instead, above are the tools i used to make the second lot of footstools i did for a swap.

First i stitched the design on 18 count aida the pattern is here in an earlier posting you could also use a small pattern design fabric if your in a hurry.

I cut two pieces of mountboard you could use other very stiff card or wood i dont do wood so mountboard is ideal for me lol....

Cover the mountboard with the chosen fabric or embroidery and pull all edges neatly to see if the mountboard is the correct size if not trim the board and try again. If you use patterned fabric instead of embroidery you might need to use a piece of felt or other padding for the seat part.
Glue the backside of the fabric and press all around all sides to secure hold for a few minutes until stuck.

Turn over whole assembly and check all edges are neat and neaten up by trimming with the scissors.
Then glue the second piece of mountboard to the back of the footstool press firmly until stuck well.
You need four beads or domed findings for feet you could even make your own with fimo or even use cabriole legs its up you what you use all would look ok.
Turn up the right way and check again if you are happy with this smooth around the edges with your fingers to make sure all fabric is stuck firm and not gaping.

Add fringe or trim of your choice here i have used eyelash yarn glue the trim on to the footstool and when happy with the position set aside to dry.

The underside of my completed footstool

This is the other colour yarn i used

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