Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Hello there i have three new followers Cyndy,Susanne and Sally thanks for following along with me.
I Finished stitching my second lot of footstools today ready for another swap now i just have to assemble them hope they turn out as good as the first lot
I started on another swap which will be fire screens below is a picture of how the completed screen should look so fingers crossed, then all my swaps will be made up ready for sending out when its time... you know i like this blogging lark it motivates me i mean i even got another room wallpapered in my new dollshouse who knows i could get it finished soon lol...
Its not a fun day for me tomorrow i have to go to the hospital to have an MRI scan and forgive me for saying but i really dont have a lot of faith in hospitals or doctors anymore after the past few months, but at leats when i get home i can do some mini'ing that will be the highlight of my day. Its really cold here and not set to change anytime soon but thats as good an excuse as any to do minis i think my swaps are almost complete and i have so many projects left started but not finished im such a bad girl but something tells me im not on my own come on now you all know who you are lol...So what should i do next mmmmm decisions decisions!!


  1. Rachel...those peacock screens are GORGEOUS!!! My 2009 Christmas tree was decorated in peacock colors and ornaments!!!Your little screen would've made a faboo ornament on my tree! =D
    I hope things go well for you at the doctors tomorrow. Will keep you in my thoughts.

  2. Hi Deb thanks if you would like to we could do a swap i know its too late for your tree but just let me know im in eva's group with you.