Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hello again
I hope your all finding time for minis so far this year.
I want to welcome yet another new follower fabshabbyroses its nice of you to follow along im not sure if theres a blog i cant seem to find anything on you But its nice to have you here all the same.

I have been busy again today although the sewing is good for the arms its not good for the belly bottom or thighs but i love it (the sewing that is lol...)i just hope im going to be in a possition to start some light excercise soon lol.....
i completed the little girls bedroom carpet and im really happy with it i cant wait to put it in my dollhouse, here are some pictures of it but i dont think they are too good though. i like my new camera but im not very good with it yet,im a slow learner it may take a while lol....

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