Saturday, 16 January 2010


Hello Im back
I have been a little off form for a couple of days but im back on track now.I finally decided what to use the embroidery in my previous post for i made up another four of the small florals and now have six i turned them into table placemats i have pictures but due to using a dongle internet stick as im away from home right now i cant upload the pictures the connection is far from great but hey i have made them all placed them in my farm house (The willow) took pictures now i just have to get a better connection to upload them but i think they look pretty good. The cat embroidery i made up and im using them as door mats in my willow and the springwood cottage i got just before christmas i ordered the basement for it yesterday but i have to wait for it so im making plans in my mind but i really should be writing them down my memory is really not what it used to be but there you go. I also made a couple more footstools i used a different pattern again one is for a swap and the other for me im pleased with the way they turned out too the thing is im sort of hooked on making footstools now but im sure i'll find a place for them all. I Will upload pictures later today when i have a better internet connection. Now what can i make next... oh yeah i also finished wallpapering my springwood cottage and added lights to it im too good lately lol...


  1. The floral placemats sound lovely, Rachel. Look forward to seeing the pics soon,
    Hugs x

  2. Thanks Allison i really enjoyed making them
    hugs Rachel