Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hello again
Im back with the pictures i told you about in my earlier post the first picture is of the three different types of footstools i made i have really enjoyed making these and i can tell you they are really addictive lol...

Here is one of the embroidered panels i used to make the placemats i originally thought i could use them for yet another footstool but they came out too small so i decided to use them for placemats im not sure if i could laminate them or would they come out too thick.

Here are the six complete placemats im really pleased with how they turned out im off to try them in my willow.

Here they are in the kitchen i have just placed them on the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are michaels hutches split in half im undecided what to do to finish them, i also plan to use the top halfs of the hutches on the walls above im just working things out trying to decide how best to use them.

Here they are on the table and i think the size was just right im tempted to make a few more sets in different colours to use in some of my other houses i love it when i make something that really works lol...what a good feeling.


  1. Such a lot of work, you are doing, Rachel, you must be very buisy. The table is looking very nice!

  2. Your needle work is wonderful! I went out and picked up some Aida cloth yesterday to give it a try myself!
    And i love how you split the Michael's hutches to make cabinets. They look great! =D

  3. Thanks so much ladies its very encouraging to know someone else likes my work im hoping i can keep it up, i have lots of projects i want to try and not just needlework

    Deborah im so pleased you are going to try some needlework it really doesnt take long i used 18 count fabric and the size looks right