Monday, 18 January 2010


Today i had a real fun mini day i thought i should put my fears of fimo aside and give it a try and all in all i really dont think i did too badly.
I also found a fun tutorial for a bird feeder and thought i should give that a go too and again i dont think it turned out too badly im just waiting for the glue to dry and then i'll find a spot to hang it from on my dolls house.

you know these are really addictive and i couldnt make just one, i know your supposed to use fimo glaze varnish but i didnt have any of that so i just used ordinary clear nail varnish and i think it looks ok but only time will tell.

I made another and also got brave and attempted to make a bowl too.

I wanted to see how it would look in a scene and i think it looks ok

And here is my bird feeder i found a great tutorial on a site and wanted to give it a go i didnt have the exact items needed but i improvised a bit and i think it looks ok i just have to try and make some birds maybe that will be next lol...


  1. Rachel, be careful with nail polish...sometimes it doens't dry completely on polymer clay...If you are looking for an inexpensive 'varnish' that will last you practically forever...pick up a bottle of Pledge with Future Shine floor polish. Its a clear liquid in a clear bottle. It is compatible with polymer clay and will give you a great shine! :-)

  2. BTW your teapots are gorgeous and that bird feeder is adorable! =D

  3. Thanks debora
    so far so good on the nail polish i'll have to buy a few more bottles now i know it works. I havent tried the floor polish yet but i will thanks for your advice and comments on my teapots.