Friday, 22 January 2010


Hello again
I feel so guilty
first off i havent written in a couple of days i have had a few bad days i get them every so often especially if i let myself think over the past seven months or so its really not a good idea to start remembering it all so maybe i should shut up about it.... ok i will lol....
Anyway i started another project yesterday i know i know very bad girl although it's a carpet and not another dollshouse so i dont suppose im too guilty, I dont have any pictures of it yet im waiting until its finished then i will show you. Im making it for my little boys bedroom in my willow although it could be used in a swap im not sure just yet we will see......Thats how a lot of my projects start out they are usually made for one of my houses but quite often are sent away to one of my mini friends instead so maybe i'll never get around to finishing anything for myself..... ahhh but thats the way it is and anyway its so much nicer to give a mini gift to a friend and see the happiness it brings dont you agree!!

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