Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Today has been absolutely horrible weather ways, really not a day for going out anywhere. so i got some swaps sorted out i finished needlepointing what are going to be footstools for a swap group im in online but unfortunately i still cant take any pictures i think i might just give in and buy another camera, if it had happened before christmas i probably could have put camera on my wishlist but these things always happen later and i have lousy luck lol....(wouldnt you know it?) so i suppose im just going to have to buy my own unless santa comes back pease i forgot something lol...
never mind at least im heading in the right direction getting things completed i set out to, all apart from my 20 odd dollshouses.... now dont get excited most are still in boxes and i know i should be getting on with those but i need to get my swaps out of the way first then i promise to complete a house (honest lol...!!)

Monday, 28 December 2009


Ooooohhh i hate my camera i managed to finnish off my candlesticks and candles but when i tried to take pictures my camera just died on me i was so dissapointed i think they turned out really well but cant post pictures yet Waaaahhhhh i hate technology lol..
i hope i can get some pictures one way or other tomorrow.

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Today i made some minis from the findings i bought i had a lot of fun i made some candlesticks but i have to make some candles to go in them, i also made a couple of lamps too but they are not quite finnished they need the funnels i'll make those tomorrow also here are the pictures of my candlesticks they look really good in the dollshouse im really pleased.

Saturday, 26 December 2009


Today i didnt manage to make any minis but i made a firm decision to lose weight omg im so overweight its unvbelievable my nephew got some cctv cameras for christmas he's absolutely obsessed with them i didnt want to say too much after all im a 34 year old woman who has a huge collection of dollshouses lol....but in all seriousness he has them set up around the house and i happened to catch a glimse of myself in the monitor and let me tell you im not impressed i need to shed some weight

the awkward part for me is lack of movement in my left leg so excercise has to be of a certain kind no more bike riding for me so now what .... at least i suppose i can make mini cakes and enjoy them in a visual sense and not put weight on and not eat the real thing....i think im gonna break out the fimo tomorrow and crack on with some cakes.
here are some findings i found at a new bead shop in my town i just need to come up with some ideas to make stuff.


Yeay i had some mini gifts and a really cute headgehog doorstop And a dollhouse kit too from my other half it was so nice to get some mini gifts along with the usual real life pressies i had i got a nice watch some money (guess what im buying lol...) and some smellies all in all it was a great day i spent it with my family and friends it was nice.

Thursday, 24 December 2009


Hi there i would like to wish my three followers and anyone else whos reading this blog a very merry and safe christmas. Im hoping for some mini gifts but we will see i think i hinted enough lol...
I didnt make any minis today unfortunately but im constantly thinking of minis there isnt anything i look at these days and dont think of how i could turn it into a mini i think its safe to say im obsessed.
Anway im off to wrap some gifts merry christmas.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Here are a few more things i got done Or finished today i must be on a roll lol.... but
the sofa isnt quite finished yet im still working out what to do about the legs. Any ideas are welcome.
The carpet was made from a pattern in an old mini magazine its not actually going into one of my houses but is going to a friend as a swap the cushions and handbags are also for a swap, everything was very easy to make they have to be or i cant make them lol....
This dollshouse is my favourite one it was a gift from my other half after i had my first brain surgery in oct 2007 i love it, its filled with minis i have either made myself or recieved as gifts and swaps from my mini friends all over the world its very special to me.
I have another follower hello alison thanks for following my blog.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I Have Followers Whaaay

Hello Blueuni and Ovaff thanks so much for following me im so chuffed lol....whaaay im hoping to keep things interesting hopefully lol...
Today I got around to wallpapering another room in my new house i need inspiration for interior features though.
i have
to admit to being quite boring when it comes to inside my houses im not so brave but maybe its time for a change i just need to get those ideas im off to look at some of the other amazing mini blogs see ya

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Back to mini-ing

Today i wallpapered two rooms in my new house.
like a big kid im really excited for christmas maybe i'll get some minis know what its like with family friends and partners they just dont get it our mini hobby i mean to me its like a way of life and if i didnt have this hobby im not sure what i would do i love it but for all
those silly people that dont understand just dont know what their missing lol...can you imagine life without minis i couldnt, cant even remember a time before discovering this amazing hobby.
I might have to try imagining not buying anymore dolls houses though because im rapidly running out of room so i decided im going to have to give 24th scale a try lol...

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Plans for modern days

Ok today has not been too great for minis i didnt manage to get anything done, i wanted to wallpaper the house i put together yesterday but somehow just didnt get round to it this is not going to turn into another unfinished house i promise lol...

Anyway here is a picture of the kit i built yesterday i have plans to turn it into a modern day house the only modern one i have so far.
I like old times better when building houses i have a regency house a large Georgian house and a victorian house a few farm houses the list goes on and on lol...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Absolutely no will power

Ok Im now officially obsessed my partner caved in and bought another dolls house kit today i think i need to go to dollshouse annonymous lol....i got the springwood cottage for a bargain so good he couldnt pass it up.
some people do comfort eating i suppose you could say i do comfort dollshouses....what can i say!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I Thought i would add some pictures of some of my houses these are mdf im not sure about this stuff it makes for easy assembly you notice i said assembly not completion but they are not as pretty as the american kits

I bought some findings today and i also decided to make some light switches from fimo they turned out ok infact very little can go wrong with something like that so they were definately Rachel proof which is a good thing.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Yeay i finaly finished some stuff...

Yeay im so pleased i got some of my carpets and rugs finished toady its taken ages but i got it done.

The fireplace in the pictures was a gift i got from my mum its actually a tee lite but looks great in the dollshouse.

Monday, 14 December 2009

This Could Be The Start Of Something

I thought i would try something new so i decided to write a blog im a complete technophobe so who knows where this will lead we will see??

I have been into miniatures for a few years and over that time i have
collected quite a few houses and kits, My favourite kits are greenleaf and corona but probably not the best for someone like me i have the attention span and memory of a goldfish and tend to get distracted very easy.....too easy in fact so these poor kits may be destined to stay in boxes for a very long time maybe forever!!
So by writing a blog it might encorage me to get started and even finish too who knows.
I will post pictures as i go along both of my progress on my houses and of my other love needlework i love stitching rugs and carpets and other bits and pieces for my houses.
wish me luck....!!