Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Today has been absolutely horrible weather ways, really not a day for going out anywhere. so i got some swaps sorted out i finished needlepointing what are going to be footstools for a swap group im in online but unfortunately i still cant take any pictures i think i might just give in and buy another camera, if it had happened before christmas i probably could have put camera on my wishlist but these things always happen later and i have lousy luck lol....(wouldnt you know it?) so i suppose im just going to have to buy my own unless santa comes back pease i forgot something lol...
never mind at least im heading in the right direction getting things completed i set out to, all apart from my 20 odd dollshouses.... now dont get excited most are still in boxes and i know i should be getting on with those but i need to get my swaps out of the way first then i promise to complete a house (honest lol...!!)

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