Sunday, 3 January 2010


Happy new year sorry im late, i got a new camera today so im able to post pictures of the footstools i mentioned the other day they are going to be used in a group swap i only get to keep one myself i think they look ok i just hope the people who are to recieve them will like them.
Unfortunately i still havent finished the new house i got just before christmas but over the next few days i plan to finish wallpapering all the rooms that are left do the flooring and add lights then add all the pretties thats my favourite bit filling them all up with furniture and minis, so far this year i think im doing well....oh yeah i need to get pictures of my completed candlesticks i think they look ok tooi'll post pictures of them tomorrow.
The first couple of pictures are my footstools in progress showing what i used altogether to make them the last couple are of the finished footstool i realise now i should have taken a picture of the footstool side on too because you cant see the feet from this angle the photos are not too great im no photographer thats for sure lol.....

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