Saturday, 26 December 2009


Today i didnt manage to make any minis but i made a firm decision to lose weight omg im so overweight its unvbelievable my nephew got some cctv cameras for christmas he's absolutely obsessed with them i didnt want to say too much after all im a 34 year old woman who has a huge collection of dollshouses lol....but in all seriousness he has them set up around the house and i happened to catch a glimse of myself in the monitor and let me tell you im not impressed i need to shed some weight

the awkward part for me is lack of movement in my left leg so excercise has to be of a certain kind no more bike riding for me so now what .... at least i suppose i can make mini cakes and enjoy them in a visual sense and not put weight on and not eat the real thing....i think im gonna break out the fimo tomorrow and crack on with some cakes.
here are some findings i found at a new bead shop in my town i just need to come up with some ideas to make stuff.

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