Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Here are a few more things i got done Or finished today i must be on a roll lol.... but
the sofa isnt quite finished yet im still working out what to do about the legs. Any ideas are welcome.
The carpet was made from a pattern in an old mini magazine its not actually going into one of my houses but is going to a friend as a swap the cushions and handbags are also for a swap, everything was very easy to make they have to be or i cant make them lol....
This dollshouse is my favourite one it was a gift from my other half after i had my first brain surgery in oct 2007 i love it, its filled with minis i have either made myself or recieved as gifts and swaps from my mini friends all over the world its very special to me.
I have another follower hello alison thanks for following my blog.

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