Monday, 23 May 2011


Hi Im sorry i have been m i a for so long i have been feeling really ill and not up to much i have however finished my pay it forward gifts and they are now ready to mail out although only four people signed up for it but i did make five gifts so if anyone else would like to recieve a gift please take part in the pay it forward swap and read my post on it otherwise i will just mail out to the four people who have signed up for it.
I want to welcome my new followers im so happy your here and i am amazed at your gorgeous work so thanks for taking an interest in my blog. 
Sorry this is such a short post but the least thing is tiring me out lately im hoping things will improve soon but it seems like im hoping the same thing forever and a day.
 Ludmila, Lainie, Rosa margarita, Drora i will be mailing out your p i f gifts this week i will email you to let you know when i have done so im sorry i havent been able to do it sooner thanks for your patience


  1. Rachel, do not apologize! I have not started making gifts. Not enough time :)