Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hello again
I recieved a package from Drora yesterday and its contents are pictured above i recieved a gorgeous little handbag which i could never have made myself and so im so grateful and some of the neatest knitting i have ever seen on such tiny pins i think your amazing Drora for being able to do this and there was also a collection of tiny shells from the sea of galilee such gorgeous treasures i love them all and they have all found a home inside Ferndale Cottage i will get some new pictures of the cottage soon to show off all these sweet gifts thanks so much dear friend my gift will be on its way to you shortly and i hope you like it.
 I would like to say welcome to Brandy Rose who is my newest follower i have been so bad in welcoming my new followers lately im sorry but i hope you know i appreciate you all.

Now the past few days i have been feeling rather ropey but i managed to make some new hats and corsets they are for the mini group we are members of i hope the ladies there will like them the pictures are below i hope you enjoy looking at them maybe i can get back on track and make a lot more minis now


  1. Rachel! You are a soooo lucky girl! the gifts from Drora are... amazing!
    And Your Corsets and hats are beautiful!
    An embrace

  2. Your hats and corsets are so beautiful Rachel!

  3. I too today received a gift from Drora! Adorable bag! Drora master!
    Rachel, I can not say I like your hats and corsets! Especially the purple corset, pink and blue hat. They really like me!

  4. Rachel enhorabuena por esos precioso regalos de Drora, es una persona encantadora.
    Has hecho unos sombreros y corses preciosos, un gran trabajo.
    besitos ascension