Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Hello welcome to my new followers im so pleased to have you follow my humble blog, im slowly trying to work my way around all blogs im following, i follow so many and its taking me so long but i will get there everyone has such amazing talent and theres just so much to admire i love all your work.
 Now quite a while ago i had a giveaway but didnt post pictures of the prizes so here they are also i had to send a replacement prize to Lara who won on my previous giveaway but it got lost in the mail so i sent another again im sorry about that Lara but i hope you are happy with the replacement?  Drora and Kikka were the winners of my last giveaway so below are all pictures of the three that were mailed out and now recieved i hope you liked them ladies.
Below those is a picture of the lovely prize i won in marissa steins giveaway i meant to post it sooner but im slow in doing a lot of things im still heartsick from the loss of so many of my fur babies so my mood is still very low but this came at just the right time thanks so much marissa i love it.
Then the picture below that is of the gifts i have managed to finish for the pay it forward i have posted on my blog and that is on so many others i still have two gifts to make and im also going to stitch one for myself too i got the pattern from meli im not sure if it was off the internet but thanks meli im enjoying stitching these little rugs im not sure if i will add fringes or not yet there are still two places left on my sign up for pay it forward so if you would like to take part sign up and post it on your own blogs and you have to make and send gifts to the first five people who sign up on your blogs i hope you will take part in this its fun and nice to give a gift to friends xx


  1. What beautiful corsets and hats! And the mats are nice!!!

  2. I love all you have made!Wounderful!

  3. Your work is great! I already know it firsthand.