Thursday, 20 May 2010


Hello again
I want to welcome Ascension to my blog thanks so much for being here anyone who hasnt seen Ascensions blog is missing out its fab you can find it here please go take a look
Today i got on with a bit more work on the dollhouse i dont have any pictures to share with you today but i painted the main walls of the house and finished painting the trims so hopefully i'll have some pictures to share with you tomorrow. My cats are much better today thank goodness Tabz has calmed down now and really wanted fussing today but charlie hasnt moved off his chair he really cracks me up he's such a lazy boy im sure he'd like breakfast in bed/chair lol...


  1. My animals make me smile too Rachel! I often wonder what other people laugh at at 7.00am, it's not the funniest time of day but my dogs always give me a laugh. That's a precious thing when real life can be so difficult. A hug for Charlie.


  2. Thanks Susan i agree with you our furbabies make my life a lot brighter im sure our neighbours must think we're nuts just hearing bursts of laughter out of nowhere we talk to our pets too and i bet that really sets people thinking lol....but hey whatever makes us happy right?