Sunday, 23 May 2010


Hello again i havent blogged for a day or so i havent got any more progress on my 24th scale house to show you yet but i will get on and finish it really i will its just that i have had some 12th scale furniture in boxes and thought it would be better to fill up my springwood cottage with it that way it might keep someone happy its something less to hang around the big house lol...
I thought you might like to see where im at so far with my springwood house im making it a modern house and this is with some furniture in place nothing is permanent just yet
Here is a view of the outside The residents have just moved in and are already thinking about renting out some rooms what can i say these are tough times we live in i added some lace net to the windows these people like their privacy lol...they have to find the right spot for those flower pots though.

Here is one of the attic rooms ready for the resident im not sure who's going to be living here just yet a student border maybe! I stitched the rug in this room.
I have had to make all the banisters and spindles as there wasnt any with this kit but craft sticks are very useful im not a wood person but i think they look ok there were no doors either so not much good for privacy so i may just have to do something about that.

Attic room two also may have a student resident that way the furniture doesnt have to be too good a quality i made the footstool. You can see the cats have taken over the bed just like in our real house lol...Purrrrrrrr!

The main bedroom the lady of the house is checking out her wardrobe space if she's anything like most women i know she's going to need more drawer space lol...I stitched the carpet you can see here.

The Bathroom is not fully fitted out yet they still need to decide where to hang the mirror and bathroom accessories and might even get round to filling those shelves.

This is the kitchen one of the neighbours came round with a fruit platter to keep them going whilst they move in that was nice of them i wouldnt mind some fruit myself lol...

Someone already ordered pizza and a KFC but hey now they have desert too the shelves are ready to put on the wall and they now have to get some kitchen wall tiles

Here we have the living room lounge here you can see another of my carpets i didnt like it at first but its growing on me....

This is the basement and the teenage daughter has already claimed this room she's sorting things out altough i dont think she'll be needing that heavy blanket in this weather maybe put it away for colder months.

This is the dining room you can see the cats already upto mischief didnt take him long again just like my real life fur babies i have actually tried finding cats that resemble my own this one would be Leo.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief tour i will have more to show you over the comming weeks but so far they havent done so badly at moving in if only moving in real life was as easy lol....till next time take care xx


  1. The house is looking good, I love especially the kitchen and the attick rooms :)


  2. Thanks Ira theres a lot more work to do but im going to enjoy it i think lol...

  3. I wouldn't mind being a student and living in the attic bedroom, it's very nice. :) The house is coming along very nicely and of course you have those wonderful rugs you make which add so much to the rooms!

  4. Thanks Mia you can come and lodge there if you want lol...thanks for your comments on my rugs i enjoy stitching them your work is beautiful i love looking at your blog