Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Well our king charles anyway this fella has gone from rags to riches, last year he was hanging around the streets because his then owner got a new dog and didnt want him so we took him in and he hasnt stopped lording it up since lol....we love him to bits and he has such a wonderful temprement but he doesnt like his head being touched he has been having problems the past couple of weeks and had terrible smelly breath both him and our other fur baby Tabz seem to have the same smelly breath problem so we took them both to the vets this morning i was expecting to be told they would both need teeth out as their both about nine year old and as we have six rescue cats they seem to be having the same problems three out of the other four have had their teeth out but the vet said they had a bacterial infection so she gave them both an antibiotic injection and we have to see what happens so fingers crossed all will be ok i hate seeing my babies ill.
When we got home Tabz shot off to hide upstairs somewhere she's very nervous but a million times better than when we got her eight years ago but i know she'll be fine and then theres king charles lording it up in his chair doesnt seem to have bothered him at all except when we removed him from the food bowl this morning lol....

I got on with my project some more i labeled the bits to what colour i wanted to paint them i had to take it apart to paint them so here it is in pieces

I mixed a little of my two colours together to make like a very light beige color i used this to paint all the trims

Ever have one of those days when you think you have finished something only to realise you still had more to do yep i did exactly that i thought i had done all my trims only to find i had left my gable and roof trims in the other room Oooops ahh well i'll do that tomorrow


  1. The little house looks so nice and when you finish painting it it will have its own personality. Yes, I have thought I'm finished doing something just to discover I missed a detail. The other day it was a heel on one of my miniature shoes. :)
    I hope your cats are better.

  2. Hello Maia
    Your shoes are beautiful i could never be able to make something as beautiful and small as those well done.
    my cats are better this morning thanks it was stressfull for them yesterday although looking at charlie you'd never say it lol...

  3. hope sooo much the cats are better. best wishes to them and your house become soooo wonderfull. ;0)

  4. Me ha encantado encontrar tu blog!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Thank you so much ascension i enjoy your blog too