Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Hello again i would like to say hello and welcome to Aurus35 thanks for following my blog im sorry there isnt a link to a blog not that i can see but if you have one please let me know so i can add it here.
Ok so today hasnt been a great day for me i had a physio appointment this afternoon and i was told that there wasnt anything else they could do for me and theres no point to me going to see her again as she couldnt help me its just gonna take time. so after that we called into Radio-ography because i have been waiting on a phone call from them for over six weeks about the possibility of an MRI with the metal being inside my scull and i was told they had looked at the xray and CT and a report had gone to the hospital it all happened at and i have to hear from them what and how they can do next but im not able to have an MRI, well this kind of puts the icing on the cake for me because i have had so much go wrong and it just keeps on comming i suppose you could say im nearly ready for a rubber room im so pissed off and i truly dont know how im holding it together although if your reading this you probably dont think i am lol....huhhhhh!
All that said i came home absolutely flummaxed so tonight after i got my head around stuff a bit i decided to get on with my little project so i got out my paints i chose buttermelt and nutmeg spice. below are pictures of my progress so far not much but some at least its been started.

The paints

House as is just dry assembled although its such a tight fit in places i dont think i'll need to glue it and no thats not an empty bottle of booze on the side its an empty juice bottle although i could be persuaded to hit the bottle through all this stress and crap!

Trim has been painted it will probably need another coat of paint but its mostly covered

Tomorrow i have to take two of my cats to the vets they have problems with their teeth and gums i think they may need some dental work im hoping they will be able to fix whats wrong i hate to see my babies suffer or in pain i hope they will be ok. So im not sure if i'll have any more progress to show you because i could be taking care of sore fur babies


  1. Oh dear Rachel, a lot to deal with at once. Thank goodness you've got your new little house to 'play' with. Looking at it again I think the one I've been considering is a bit more 'Gothic' in style than yours. I'm going to enjoy watching what you do with it :)

    Take good care of yourself!

  2. Thanks Norma im trying to hold it together really i am im so grateful for this wonderful hobby it helps a lot hope your doing well too