Monday, 17 May 2010


Im back again
this afternoon we did a dry fit of one of my puzzle houses this is the gothic house 24th scale it looks a lot like the tennyson by greenleaf it still needs all the work im trying to decide what exactly to do with it i also have another puzzle house to build it looks a lot like a Arthur also by greenleaf i thought i should try 24th scale as im running out of room for 12th scale i doubt i'll be going smaller than 24th though i wouldnt be able to manage anything smaller lol...


  1. It's a really intriguing little house I think. I often look at it on one of the market stalls in Chinatown that has lots of wooden 'fit together' items. One of these days I can see that I'll give in. My thinking is to maybe make some kind of weird dark house, just for fun. I'll be interested to see what you do with yours :)

  2. Hi Norma im still pondering what to do with it too hoping im gonna come up with an idea soon but a dark spooky house sounds good maybe or i thought if i painted the outside like a cream colour and browns sort of coffee and cream what do you think i dont think i'll paper the inside i'll maybe paint it inside too?

  3. Your exterior colour scheme sounds good. I think whether you go for paper of paint inside will depend on the style you decide on. I think you will have fun!