Monday, 10 May 2010


Hey Guys i hope your all ok out there in blog land I
need to pull out the welcome mat again and say hi to Alienora who's blog can be found here
Its a lovely blog and you should check it out thanks for following Alienora.
I didnt do a lot of mini'ing today infact i didnt do a lot of anything today i find i have slowed down so much since my surgery blunder i dont feel steady enough to do a lot of the things i used to do its almost a year since it happened and my recovery really hasnt been enough (as much as i would like) still i should be grateful i can still do my minis but im really worried because my eyes are doing weird things
lately im seeing flashes or spark like lights and my vision goes out of focus a lot so its a bit scary
OMG this
is like a therapy session to stop that right now!
I painted two more hutches today i havent filled them yet i need to see what i have to use maybe i'll do that tomorrow i mailed another two swap packages out today their going to the USA i wonder if they will ever get there the Ash cloud from the Icelandic Volcano is still big news and still a problem so who knows i mailed packages about a month ago or more that still havent reached their destination its real annoying i spend so much time working on the contents to have it not arrive or get lost but hey theres nothing anyone can do about it. Oh well i have prattled on enough im off to bed now
goodnight xx


  1. Hi and THANK YOU SO MUCH! The carpets arrived today and they are fabulous! I've posted pictures in my blog, so you can see where they went. The green carpet was just perfect for my Toscana houses bathroom - it really makes the whole room perfect!

    Thank you still one more time and good that the package arrived this time :) But you never know, the other one might pop up sometime :)


  2. Oh Ira im so pleased at least one package got there and im pleased you like what i made

  3. Hi Rachel, I think we 'met' a few years back when you started your swap group. Great to catch up again. Sounds like you've been having loads of miniature fun but not so much real life fun. You do an amazing amount of miniature work! Thanks for checking out my blog.


  4. Hi Susan i think you may be right im glad to catch back up with you. although the groups still running im no longer owner as i have too many real life issues but hey thats the way it is not a lot i can do about it.
    Thanks for your comment on my work yours is amazing and im truly jealous of your talent lol....