Thursday, 13 May 2010


Hello i have had a weird couple of days so im sorry i havent blogged but i see i have a few more new followers so i would like to say hello and thanks for following my blog to Carmen whos blog you can find here please check it out its great

I also want to welcome Naomi but i cant find a blog link please let me know if you have one so i can add it

and i also want to welcome susan and you can find her great blog here please go check it out

A few days ago i recieved a little package from a friend and i was overjoyed on opening to find these gorgeous little babies together with two hand knitted blankets

Here is a baby carry cot i made a few weeks ago and as you can see its perfect for the little baby

Here is a swap i recieved in an online group its a craft basket as you know my photo skills really isnt good matter what i try


  1. Oh what a lovely and sweet baby!

  2. Those babies are gorgeous! Did your friend make them or buy them?

  3. Thanks for your comments
    I believe she made them from porcelain the pictures dont really do them justice they really are beautiful