Monday, 10 May 2010


Hey its me again
I seem to have gained another two followers since my last post a few hours ago so i would like to say hello and welcome to Carol you can find her blog here its very lovely so go take a look

I cant seem to find the name of my 55th follower but hello and welcome its nice to have you both here. there is a blog and its a very interesting one too so please go take a look
The reason for my second blog today is to show you all my third hutch now i think you have all gathered by now that my photo skills are really not skills at all their just really bad lol..but anyway here is the picture im really pleased with all three so far the rug in the picture is one i stitched before christmas it sits in my garden room normally i just borrowed it for this picture im going to use this hutch in my christmas house it should look good in there.


  1. It looks really great....and perfect for a Christmas house.

    A little photography tip that will help no matter what camera you have. If you don't have a tripod rest your camera on something sturdy..a pile of books perhaps. That will help avoid any camera shaking. If you have a timer setting to delay the pic then once it is lined up you can use that which will help too.

    Also see if you have a macro setting on your will look like a little flower. This is great for close up pics of minis.

    As with anything else though, photography is always improved by playing about and practicing...oh and reading the manual lol.

  2. Lol....i like the last bit i suppose i should keep practicing lol..