Monday, 15 March 2010


Today i found some minis but not in a mini shop im so pleased to get such goodies
Here is some rolls of self adhesive textured plastic although it looks just like mini wallpaper to me and theres at least two metres on a roll and a bargain at £1 each whaaay i love finding goodies im thinking maybe i can use the creamy colour one for the back wall in my greenhouse i want to make it more conservetory like i know i said i was going to use brick paper but im thinking this might make it look more cosy.

I have searched everywhere for these fellas i made a footstool kit back last year and one of these were used in the kit after looking all over and not finding any today i came upon these in a sewing notions shop i was so excited i almost fell not really im just kidding but im so pleased to have found these im ready to make more footstools the right way now.

These are so cute and the added bonus is they have our countries name on them i thought they were great.

I got these in an antique shop i think they were quite expensive at £2.50 each but i was so pleased to find them i didnt mind they will go in my conservetory/Greenhouse.

All in all i thought i did ok today it was fun finding some mini useables in amongst everyday stuff i had such to the uninitiated im sure i must sound like a right idiot but for all those who understand the obsession im sure i dont need to explain lol...

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