Monday, 15 March 2010


Hello again second time today i just wanted to show what i have done so far with the conservetory/greenhouse i measured card and stuck the wallpaper to it when i say i did i mean myself and other half did left hand is a little bit awry still and as i needed two hands i couldnt do it alone you know how it is sometimes.. well anyway heres the pictures im thinking cream and green tiles for the floor i have a very useful square punch and i think it could work for the job in hand so i'll give that a try i have a lot of card stock around from another crafting hobby i enjoy. cardmaking is great fun but i just like to flit from minis to card making so at some point i could be posting some pictures of my handmade cards, but for now its minis here are the pictures again the quality is not good but hopefuly you can make it out.


  1. Hi Rachel - glad you see you're blogging again, I missed you! You've been busy what with the shopping trip and getting started on your conservatory and I am soooo envious of all those Reutter pieces. Look forward to seeing what you do with everything, Hugs Allison x

  2. Hi Allison thanks im looking forward to sorting them out too after having a few down days im hoping to put them behind me fingers crossed