Sunday, 14 March 2010


Hello again i know i have been MIA for a long time now im sorry about that real life stuff and all that bla bla...well anyway i have some new members to welcome im so glad you are following my rantings er i mean blog its good to have you here.
Today i got some mini loot and quite a lot of it from a trip to lincoln its fun to start planning how im going to display all these goodies whooo....
I got a greenhouse... why are these called greenhouses i mean this one is all white i think i'll use a brick background on the wall, im really planning on butting it up to the springwood cottage mentioned in earlier posts maybe that will look ok i also have a tea shop from a long while ago which i would like to incorporate in the scene somehow but im not sure just how yet. I made some cookies and ice cream cones for it im really not good with clay but i think i might just get away with putting them to the back of my shop its worth a try i would love to be better at making minis from clay but hey there you go.

Next up are these cute little scenes the pictures are really not great and they look so much better close up they are to hang on the wall i think they'll look cool on the wall theres a kitchen scene and a garden scene now a while ago i would have been tempted to remove some of the mini pieces and use them in my dollhouse but i promise these ones will stay intact really they will.

Hey i have a thing for Reutter porcelain i love the stuff but only in mini of course teehee these are great i got some really great items i know they look nice in the boxes and some people would keep them in them but not me i like to take them out and add them to my mini scenes in my dollhouses theres a lovely tea service

The vases are great to just add to a window or maybe display in a cabinet they are just so pretty.

More Vases

And more Vases theres also a lovely little basket with flowers which was a gift from my other halves mother she's a very sweet lady she also bought me a childs Rocking chair pictured further up and a pile of ironing for my laundry room. I love little gifts especially little mini gifts lol...i get so excited ooohh i love it.

Now i just love these first up is a cute little tortoise i think i'll have him wandering around my garden yet another mini plan.
I have a pet tortoise and i just love including my pets in my scenes.

This is just gorgeous i love cats and this was just so fitting my cats are always getting upto mischief and i could just picture this scene its just as they are lol...

I love these they are just so pretty i love pink

Thats all my goodies i need to think about how to display them the best way now.
I have a few more swaps to make and send then i'll have some time to enjoy my buys lol...

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