Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Hello again
Im so pleased you all enjoyed my giveaways.
so far i have had responses from all winners except Alienora so if i havent heared from her by friday morning there will be another draw for a replacement winner, if this happens i will draw from the same giveaway entrants as before so keep watching because we may just have another winner who knows! Alienora you have until friday morning GMT to send me your address if i havent heared from you by then someone else will win your prize. Im sorry i cant give you all a prize but please try again when another giveaway takes place.
I will endeavour to mail out all prizes i have details for before this week is out i will let you all know when they have been mailed and i hope you all enjoy the prizes i have enjoyed making this giveaway and im very excited about doing the next one the giveaways are to thank all of my wonderful blog friends i appreciate you all very much and love looking at all your blogs also although im ashamed to say i dont comment on them very often but im always lurking and taking in all the fabulous creativity your all amazing. Im in the middle of stitching some welcome mats from my own patterns they are not looking too bad i dont have pictures just yet but will have some tomorrow i will be bringing out the welcome mat to welcome all new followers properly as i have neglected to do so for a while im a bad bad toad lol...


  1. I hope Alienor respond in time, I know that she does not follow the blogosphere much, still waiting, a little patience, she will respond!
    but if you get no response, then I'll be happy and hopeful of still groped luck. thanks!
    I can not wait to see the carpet welcome, will certainly a beauty!
    ciao! Caterina