Thursday, 9 September 2010


welcome welcome come on in hello to all new followers and of course to all the regular followers i have had a mad day so far, we had to take one of my other cats to the vet this morning and yes she has to have her teeth out too the front ones look lovely and white but the poor girl has some bad back teeth so she has to go in on monday im really worried about this one because she is so nervous we rescued her and have had her about nine years and she is a hundred percent better now than when we got her first but oh my god she is still a nervous little thing around strangers. she's ever so clean as are all the others but she got so scared this morning the poor thing wet herself but she's home again now and calmed down i promised i'd buy her some nice'ies as i call goodies later but i think i'll have to get a truck load ready for monday or she'll never forgive me.

I have five out of six packages ready to mail im still waiting on Alienora but as i said last night if theres no word by tomorrow morning GMT then all names go back in for another draw and whoevers name comes out will get her prize so be sure to come back tomorrow and check.
above is the picture of the welcome mat i have been working on it is here in two colour ways but i think i prefer the red one best.

I liked it so much i decided to make some cushions in the same design all basic of course because i cant do difficult im all fingers and thumbs and thats just with my good hand lol.... I have added the pattern for anyone who would like to stitch it too it looks a lot better in real life and i have a place all picked out for mine.

Here are some other cushions i stitched and made up i think their really nice i also started on a fake zebra rug but i got a bit lost and made some mistakes i havent quite figured out where i went wrong so i have just put it aside for now until i get my head around it.
Well thats me for today i hope the major adventures are over after this mornings escapade with Tabz the cat see you again tomorrow i will try and mail out the prizes in the morning but if not they will go out next week i will let you all know when their done see ya


  1. Rachel, please check your mailbox!:)))
    Thank you for your beautiful giveway!

  2. Wow. You've been stitching your brains out! Those pillows are too cute. You fur babies are so lucky to have you. I have 4 rabbits and 3 dogs and am trying to resist fostering 1 more dog. Mine watch me do my crafts too! They always have to check out what I'm working on. Only the smallest dog has the opinion that he should hang around and make sure the work gets done properly.

  3. ¡Cuanto px! Me encanta lo bien que te sale. Ahí hay muchas horas de aguja :)
    Besos Clara

  4. All is so beautiful, I like tiger px! is so original! greetings

  5. Wow I love the cushions! And the welcome mat looks lovely. If you dont mind, I might just steal the pattern and have an attempt of it :) Can I ask, how do you make up your own patterns? Eeek looking forward to the delivery :D lol
    Big hugs

  6. Hi Shellbyfay
    I used to have jane greenoffs computer programme but not anymore now i just use good old graph paper and plot out a design and when im happy with it try stitching it and then make any changes im not happy with give it a try its fun and you get something completely original. Remember to count out the squares so the design wont be too big but its all down to the count on the fabric used afterwards anyway

  7. Thanks for all your comments i like comments especially if their good ones lol...