Sunday, 11 July 2010


Hello im sorry i have neglected my blog for a while things were quite rough again for a couple of days but im back now and i have two new followers to welcome thanks so much for following my blog, at this rate i think i should get started with a gift ready for my 100 follower giveaway thats if i get to that number lol...

First hello and welcome to

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I had a lovely little gift from Norma
on friday its a carpet kit thanks so much Norma i cant wait to stitch this

Today we went to a car boot sale i havent been to one in years and i got some really great goodies i bought a whole roll of fabric which will be great for mini upholstry its green and has a tiny diamond pattern throughout i paid one pound and theres at least twelve metres of the stuff it will last me years I Think the girl made a mistake with the price lol...
I also bought two metres of satin type fabric which will be great for hats bags dresses and stuff then i found two bags of assorted fabrics and felt great for hats and bags also

Trinket box but this is a great size for inside the dollhouse sat by a dressing table mirror it looks great
Satin fabric used as a backdrop

pretty little Table perfect size


These Figures have a little bit of damage nothing hardly and perfect for my dress shop

Tray with jars and a jug and cups not quite to scale but still pretty

I enjoyed myself there and cant wait for another one


  1. You scored big with your sale goodies! Love the ladies, love the little ballerina too.

  2. Looks like great shopping - but forget mini - you've got enough upholstery fabrice to go 1:1!!

    Glad the little mat kit has found an appreciative home - it's been languishing neglected in my stash for way too long.

  3. Welcome back to Blogland, Rachel! Well Done with your haul x

  4. Nice to have you back!!! Your shoppings are great!!!