Wednesday, 9 June 2010


One of my handmade greetings cards i havent made any in a while maybe i should make a few

Hello again
I have another new follower to welcome thanks for following my blog Beatrize i love your blog you make very beautiful miniatures.
For anyone wanting to see this blog the link is here please go take a look its a lovely blog
Im a little under the weather this past couple of days i have been feeling really crappy and to top it all i have another hospital appointment in the morning so a really early start to a really long drawn out day...cant wait!!

I did manage to make a plant yesterday from masking tape i havent taken any pictures yet as it was my first attempt and im not sure if im brave enough to show anyone lol...I have been stitching a bit more of the bathroom mat i dont have any pics of that yet either but maybe tomorrow if im feeling ok.

Here are a few basic patterns of mine for you to try i did these a few years ago the first one as you can see could be done in three different ways

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