Saturday, 5 June 2010


Hello again i would love to welcome Lucia Gabrieli Whos fab blog you can find here

And Mini Babies Im sorry i cant seem to find your name or anything on you please let me know if you have a blog i would love to see it.
Thanks so much to you both for following my blog i still cant believe anyone would want to follow my blog thank you all again.
Now i would like to share with you some pictures of one of my other houses this is my mimossa cottage as with everything this house is still not complete i need to get internal doors and furnish three rooms i am going to stitch some carpets and so im going to start my book review with an embroidery book which shouldnt come as a big surprise im sure lol.....I will look through my books and decide tomorrow which one to use first.


  1. The diningroom looks fabulous, wonderful athmosphere :)

  2. Thanks Ira i just have to stitch a rug for it and get a door of course lol...