Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Ok so here's where im at so far i made the flooring using my square punch and some of my card stock its been lying around long enough so its about time i used it up.
Then i made some patio furniture using a pattern in a magazine it was really very easy i dont know why i didnt try it sooner i just have to make some cushions for it now i'll try and do that tomorrow
The scatter cushions were made a couple of weeks ago i think they look ok here but i'll probably not need them when i have made the seating
I still need to paint the skirting board and i have to dig out the lovely carpet i got from another mini friend i think it will look great in here. I still need to work out what im going to use on the windows i found a lovely piece of net in my supplies stash but its just not enough for the job pitty it would have looked real pretty i'll just have to find something else. This has been a really enjoyable project so far and has kept me busy for most of today i really got into it and its been a while since i enjoyed making something so much see what i can come up with tomorrow.


  1. You are one fast worker, lady! I would still be thinking about looking out the materials needed. Well done, it's looking good! x

  2. Thanks Allison it usually takes me ages but i suppose i have a guilty consience about time wasted on all the other incompleted projects lol..