Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Today was another productive day with the conservetory/greenhouse i think im going to call it the garden room it sounds much more flowing dont you think heeheehee....
the other half had the idea to try and make some vertical blinds it took some thinking out which i really rarely ever do but i must say i think he was right and they came out ok for a first try im planning on making them for my springwood cottage i think they would look great in there.
First i cut some strips of card i used white textured card then took a sewing needle made little holes both ends of each strip
then i threaded a needle tied a knot in the thread and took a slat threaded the slat onto the needle then added a bugle bead im now sorry i hadnt planned it more carefully and used clear beads but there you go hindsight is a wonderful thing i just dont have lol...well anyway i carried on threading slats and bugle beads until i got the required width then trim thread used a piece of card to make a pelmet and glued the pelmet to each end then let the glue dry added some pretty lace both sides it looks prettier through the windows...dont ask!
Then stuck the whole thing into place the blinds look better in real life and i have to say im really pleased with the result it took some time but didnt cost anything which i love. Im going to make more for the rest of the windows
I got my skirtingboard painted and put into position i didnt get around to making the seat cushions for the furniture yet but i will this has been another fun day and i learned to make blinds too not bad i say!


  1. Hey Rachel, you are working so fast now, so much getting done! I love the results and I´m looking forward to see the next steps..

  2. Genius! That's all I'm!

  3. Awww thanks you two ladies are so kind i have joined both your blogs and love reading them blogland keeps me sane