Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Hi i wonder if anyone can help me after searching for the miniature carpets book by janet granger i came across it on amazon the only thing is its not very clear and im unable to see what the patterns are like does anyone know if this book is worth buying i love her carpet kits on her website but i would like to own the book can anyone help ?? I know im not very good with my blogging lately and no pictures make me even worse but i promise to get back to blogging properly soon


  1. I made one of the patterns in the book and changed the was the After William Morris pattern that you see on the cover. You can see it here:

    There are several nice patterns in the book, and in my opinion it's worth it if you even like one of them. I borrowed the book from a local library, though. :]

  2. would this help you any

    they have printable rugs that look real, and please don't you worry one little bit about me.

    dark clouds do roll away

    Love and well wishes
    Marisa :)

  3. I've had the book for many years and have made several rugs as a holiday project, sitting on the beach for a fortnight I can make 3/4 of a rug! Sometimes I change the colours for a different look. If you enjoy making rugs this book is a very good buy.

  4. Thanks for all your help i gave in and bought the book and i love it i will be working my way through this one hahaha....xx