Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Hello i have been away from blogland for a few days as i have been totally worn out preparing for and after our groups doll house show at the castle in margam it was an absolutely great experience and im looking forward to our next one in march at swansea museum, we had a great time and i was totally amazed at so much interest in our table although pauls house was wonderful in my oppinion and in everyone elses too i think it took him by surprise.
Everyones tables looked great with all their displays i have a lot of pictures to upload and will do it later today or tomorrow.

I Have so many new followers to welcome and im sorry im so slow in doing so this time but i am glad your all here and will list everyone properly tomorrow im off to our dolls house meeting tonight where we will probably be told how much money was raised for parkinsons disease at our show it was a great event and my first but definately not my last.
i noticed im not far off 100 followers and so im preparing for my giveaway details of which will be announced closer to it im amazed at how many people are interested in my blog and want to thank you all.
Paul is now working on my mckinley greenleaf house kit and also will be working on the glencroft ready for the next show and probably a new creation of his own too so stay tuned i said he should have his own blog but i dont think he's keen to so i will just show his talent on this blog oh well must go have to get ready i'll be back with pictures soon


  1. Estoy deseando ver las fotos de los trabajos.
    besitos ascension

  2. I'm glad the show went well, Rachel! Well Done you and Paul! x