Saturday, 1 May 2010


I want to say hello and welcome to marleen who is my 50th follower wow i never expected to get any never mind 50 followers i cant belive you like listening to my ramblings lol....
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Below is a picture of something my mother bought for me i know its a lantern and is probably very useful in its intended purpose but does anyone have any ideas on how i could use this to make a miniature your help is needed guys and i appreciate your ideas on this


  1. The lanterns are such fun to do, there's a couple of pics in my blog where I did a small livingroom scene and a snowman scene as a gifts to my friends. You could do almost anything in it, I would go to 1:24 scale as the lantern is quite small, but I think with them you don't have to be that exact with the scale.

    If you want to keep the tea light holder, you could do in it a small bird bath, an open fire, a mini bond etc. The color is so Greek so you could go in that direction also. Or do a small Xmas scene in it :)


  2. Hi Rachel - I've often looked at those lanterns and wondered what to do with them. What about a Christmas tree in the centre with decorations around the outside? Have fun whatever you decide to do x

  3. Thanks Ira and Allison i like both these ideas i think i'll try and get another so i can try both ideas