Monday, 5 April 2010

Hi there
I thought you might like to see what i have been up to since i have been M I A the past few days but first of all i would like to welcome some new followers thanks so much for following my blog you can find these ladies amazing blogs below





Today i was out in my craft shed sorting some things out and taking some pictures i came across some michaels hutches which i recieved in a swap a while ago i still havent done anything with them yet but i can now plan how to change decorate and use them should be fun.

Then theres my tea room which i hadn't been able to finish because of issues most of you already know about so far it is only decorated outside i now have to concentrate on the inside i have been collecting pieces for this for about a year and i recieved a lot of lovely food items from my friends Deb and Glenna now i have to get some furniture items ready maybe the hutches will come in handy for this.

Here are some lovely cakes ready for the shop from my friend Deb

And also some plates of oysters, chicken, fries. And nachos from Glenna

I made some fimo items im really not good with this medium and they kind of look poor compared to deb and glennas work

Here are my house pets in miniature i have tried to collect animals that look similar to my own fur babies

This little fella was a pressie from one of my nephews Jack who's six years old its great when they come and say auntie Rachel i found this for cute lol...

Thought you might like to see some of my houses first up is my Arthur its sweet but to be honest im not happy with how these house kits look after assembly its probably just me and how i put them together although i have to say i have a lot of help from paul

The Bedroom i have had a lot of items in swaps to fill this house and all my others too

The Bathroom also filled with swap items

The Kitchen and yet again filled with swaps from friends and also filled with my reutter minis i love reutter...

Next is the Aster this is home to mr and mrs claus who i have yet to find i enjoyed putting this kit together it was fun i think it looks ok but it still needs more items it also houses some mini swaps.

This was a gift i recieved from paul a few years ago its lovely and sits in the kitchen of mill cottage which was also a gift from paul in 2007 to date its my favourite house.

Mill Cottage i love this house it was a limited addition and i was lucky to get it

The Kitchen i found a pair of wellies in a national trust gift shop they sit by the door ready for molly when she does the gardening she has to keep her feet dry and mud free lol...

The lounge my favourite items are in the cabinet some gorgeous mini porcelain figures and toby jugs
here you will find one of my handstitched carpets

The bedrooms the bedroom furniture was a gift from Deb what a great friend she is thanks Deb..

Another of my handstitched carpets and more wonderful swap items

Here are swap items i made for an online group filled basket swap i hope my swap mate will like them.


  1. Things are looking good as always Rachel! Wish I'd signed up for the filled basket swap now that I've seen!

  2. Ahh well we could always do another off the group if you like let me know

  3. Oh, you have so many houses! I'm getting also the Orchid, it's going to be my dark house, lots of black and dark gray, I'm stil bondering whether to do a withces house or an explorers house.

    I can tell you that your getting something for the Mr. and Mrs. Claus's house ;)

    I'm taking the package to post latest on Thusday, depends how fast I'm with some crafting :D


  4. Thanks Ira oooh its so exciting i cant wait did you get my package yet?

  5. No, I didn't come yet, but the post is probably a bit slower as we had yesterday a holiday so everything was closed.

    I can't wait :)


  6. Maybe tomorrow i hope they will be of use to you