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I'm studying to be a nail technician on this blog I will be showing my nail designs and sharing my process as I undertake my course and learn as I go along.


Sunday, 31 July 2011


Hello im losing my mind right now or at least it feels like it i have searched through almost every blog im following  but its no use i just cant find what im looking for..... so maybe one of my fab blog friends might be able to point me in the right direction please... i was looking at someones blog the other night and saw a lot of pitcher printies i thought they were gorgeous and wanted to print them out then and there but my printer pulled a funny on me and just wouldnt work so i decided to remember who's blog it was and try again later but guess what i cant remember who's blog it was argggghhhhh im so annoyed with myself. Please please does anyone know whos blog it was and where i can find them i appreciate any help you can give thank you

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Hello Again
I have to say a big welcome to more new followers thanks for following my blog im pleased to have here.
Now for the people waiting on my Pay it forward swaps they have finaly been mailed phewwww thank god for that its taken me so long but its actually been done i really hope Lainie,  Drora, Rosamargarita, Ludmila, Mary and Kathi that you all like what i have made and im sorry its taken so long please could you take pictures when you recieve them in my haste to get them mailed i forgot to take pictures thank you ladies.....

I have some pictures i wanted to show you all of my nursery in one of my dollhouses There are lots of mini works from my friends here in blogland and also from mini groups thank you to all who have contributed to this sweet nursery my pictures are not good but hope you can make them out....xx

Monday, 18 July 2011


Hello again
I would like to welcome more new followers im so pleased your here. I have some pictures to show you of my cottage now i bought yes thats right i said bought this cottage from Paul Afan valley miniatures my other half business is business as they say although he did give me a substantial discount so i cant grumble THANKYOU PAUL!!! lol....well anyway this is what i have done with it hope you enjoy looking.

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Hello again i havent blogged lately because in truth i have had nothing to blog but i have to show you my gorgeous little honey bunny miniature Pearl from Literature in miniature made for me i am absolutely thrilled with her and have now asked her to make Charlie and Popps for me, i will have them all made in mini and it will take a few months i think but i will show you all as and when i recieve them hope you enjoy looking at this precious little mini. 
 Im still working on my pif swap but it seems like its taking forever which truly wasnt my intention i have just had so many appointments lately and it drains me so im slow in finishing my swaps my fault really cus i had already made them all but wasnt completely happy with them so decided to make them again and you know how that goes mmmm....
Well anyway i have noticed i have a few more new followers so thank you to everyone who has joined my blog and welcome new followers nice to have you here.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Hello im back again i need some help does anyone know where i can buy miniature paper doilies or is there a paper punch i can buy for this??


Hiya all
Im so so behind with everything lately i dont know where the time is going we are at the hospital with appointments most of the time yesterday really wasnt a great day for me as it was two years yesterday i had the simple surgery that went so terribly wrong so my head really wasnt with it yesterday i just hate those kinds of days......but anyway i was saying where im at with my pay it forward swaps... well i had them all made but after the amazing gifts i recieved from Drora and Rosamargarita already i had a change of mind about what i had made so i have made other gifts and im in the middle of making some other gifts too so i know im taking so long sending them out to my friends in this swap but i havent run away(excuse the sarcasm running isnt possible anymore ha)...and i havent forgotten  about the swap so i hope you will bare with me and think the packages were worth the wait when you recieve them so again i find myself appologising to you all